Monday, April 11, 2011

Tool chest - The amazing and wonderful

For Christmas/my Birthday the amazing and wonderful Shanti-Wife and HIL (Husband-in-law), Walin got me this amazing tool chest. If you don't know me well, you might not know that I adore boxes, of all types, but especially ones that lock or are puzzles in any way. I also adore practical gifts. I truly believe that every time I use it I am thanking the gift-giver. Plus I love having useful things. Pretty trinkets that sit on shelves go high on my list of crap-to-toss during my annual purges.

You may also not know that I have a ton of different crafts I do (haphazardly, but still do), including but not limited to; Calligraphy, Illumination, Leather Tooling, Leather painting, Book making, Photography, costume design, Costume creation (poorly executed normally - but I am working on it), Leather armor, weapon sheaths, and that's all that comes to mind right now. This of course doesn't include jewelry making, needle point, embroidery, or any of the sewing crafts that I do (poorly).

With such a long list it can be hell to keep everything in a location I can remember, and access, and not make GIANT messes every time I need to use something. Let me explain how awesome this chest is.

First off, because it has the top shelf that I don't need to close I can leave taller items like the leather dye that should never be stored on it's side upright and clearly visible when I need them. It has room for all my calligraphy inks - which probably means I need more ink, but still, that is awesome! I have a drawer filled with calligraphy nibs and another filled with the pens and art supplies for a true calligraphy work. I have another drawer filled with leather-working tools, another with larger tools and designs that are rolled up - I really need to label them with tape so I know what each design is.

Can you imagine how happy this makes me? It is beautiful and wonderful and amazing - and makes it easier for me to craft things. I like crafting. It makes me happy, deep inside and this makes it better for me. You gotta love it :)


  1. I can totally imagine how happy this makes you, since having everything in one easily reachable area was behind the purchase of the desk that makes up the center of my workspace/crafting area (with the addition of a hutch that I've owned for almost 20 years)! :) Mine wasn't gifted to me (that's completely awesome, btw) but we found it for a steal. As soon as I get the whole area straightened and mostly presentable, I'll post pictures and story of my workspace. :)