Monday, March 18, 2013

Making Progress

Another photo-less post, but hopefully you will all cheer with me when I tell you I got him pinned (or duct taped) into it!!! YAY!

I was able to pin down my brother for his armor sizing and mark all the right sizes. Now its time for hole punches, and buckles and straps, and articulation, and then figuring out bracers and greaves and the darn war-skirt/tasset.  No matter that he still hasn't decided if he wants tooling, or color, or details.  Nor that I am not sure if I have enough leather left. (Please ignore the eye twitch, I swear it's normal).

And then, after all the sizing, marking, and hole starting...I left it all in Palmer Lake.  Sigh.  I should get it all on Thursday and then can try to hard-craft it through the weekend and have something substantial to show him when I see him again. My worst case scenario I will see him in two weeks. Imagine how cool it would be to have it all ready by then.  So...please, plague me, harass me, and ask me how it is coming! Your help would be greatly appreciated!