Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello Dear-Blog Readers! It's been a few weeks while I rest from the last big project and work on getting my house back in order from the flurry of summer, but I am back now!  My next project is creating a viking-style helmet.  Yes, a more realistic one which means there will not be horns on it. 

I am hoping to create something similar to the one on the left, but with some details similar to the one on the right as well. I found a very basic template online that is designed for a metal helmet, but I am hoping it will work.  I need to figure out which shape on the nasal/nose guard/mask that I am looking at creating.

My current challenges are 1) I am still busy as heck and need a break 2) My supplies are all over the house and need to be pulled back into one place 3) I don't wanna! 

As you can tell, I am ignoring my inner three year old right now and am planning to get to work tomorrow night and start determining some of my inner questions, and then pulling things together.  The next post will hopefully have an update with some pic's of my work...instead of random idea's off the internet.  Wish me Luck!