Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Return of the Fallout Obsession - Bandolier Edition

I love my husband. He is awesome. He knows I love him.  And...He is obsessed. Seriously. Fallout. All of his happiness is oriented around this. And since I don't currently have a few hundred to drop on this years' PipBoy, we had to do something.

From Etsy Shop LeatherCladLegends
That something is inspired by this. (left)

Found on Pinterest
He loves pouches and pockets and armor. He likes things to look raggedy and tattered and abused. He loves being snazzy.

The other inspiration is this (right)

We started with the thin leather again (this stuff is just a pleasure to work with) and made a bandolier base, 3 pouches, one large hip bag, and a rib belt as well.

He needed a pauldron though. Some nice shoulder armor to display the lovely asymmetry he so enjoys. So, went to work on that.

He wanted tattered. He wanted abused. He wanted to be a Wasteland Survivor.  He wanted this....

What you can't see is the tooling on his large hip bag - wanna know what it is? Oh yeah.... Brotherhood of Steel!

I think we did good - what do you think?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scribes' Kit and the finished steampunk belt

The hubby loves me. He does. I know it. He shows it. AND he makes me awesome toys to show it to other people too!

You may know that I enjoy throwing my hand to calligraphy every now and then. I have been doing it for more than 20 years now and have done a variety of different projects. I always have wanted to be able to sit down at Fair and do special things for people, but carrying all my inks, nibs, papers, etc has never been terribly exciting for me.

Now it is!

He saw this alchemists pouch on Pinterest/Etsy and we were truly inspired.

First, we cut it out of the
nice thin leather.

Then shaped it.

Then tooled it.

Then dyed it.

Then added all the fun bits!

It holds 6 ink colors, 6 different pen nibs, two quills, paper, my seal and wax and it is so pretty!

Look at how great it looks on my belt with the new steampunk costume! :D

I have a tea cup and saucer, a bottle of tea, the alchemist pouch for phones and other things, and the scribe kit snaps on and off in the back.