Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Pauldron?

The most recent project is a set of pauldrons for my 5 year old.  Made out of scraps from other projects we are looking at a simple 2 lame set up for her biker jacket (That way she can look like daddy). 

I started by grabbing the pattern from the smallest of the lames on each of the sets I have already done.  Taking it, I made a few changes, and am still trying to decide if I will keep the "extra" section like the blue armor has, if I do it will help her attach wings to the armor at Fair this summer. 

Her armor will not have any tooled pattern, it is just too small for me to want to work that kind of detail, and she will only wear it a few years, so I am going to do her pattern - she selected a unicorn - in paints.  I have many colors, though I may add some purple to my collection for this project.

Here is where we are now - the lames are all cut, and I have tooled the edges for support when I dye them.  The current plan is to go green on the inside and do black edging like I have kept to this far.  I am hoping to write on the black section with either white paint or silver sharpie in Tolkien's Elvish one of the quotes I really like about Unicorns.

"Now I will believe there are Unicorns" from William Shakespeare, The Tempest