Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Projects

So - There is indeed a list of projects that will be coming this new year!

1) Conversion of Galen's armor into two separate armor pieces - possibly along the lines of the "Scrap-Armor" we did last summer. It was much easier to wear than my original design...and looks so NEAT :)
2) Wolf Helmet for the beloved. It's gonna be done this year and I am hoping to complete it before the end of March.
3) New Quiver and mini-quiver for crossbow bolts.
4) Noble costume for the kiddo. I got some awesome green fabrics from a dear friend and am hoping to have some design sketches done in February.
5) Design an eastern style short bodice for me - draft in denim and then work out in some of my pretty fabrics.
6) Create several pouch belts for me, monster and beloved all.
7) and...Try to blog a little more often.

Seven seems like a reasonable number between now and that's the plan!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hard at Work - Ray's Patchwork Armor Revisions

Armor (and feet)
The patchwork armor ended up a little too big when Ray wore it at fair opening weekend. Even after we cut an inch out after the initial sizing, its still too big.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong in the measurements here, but I think I am doing something wrong.

 So, tonight we undid all the pretty stitching and I am taking out another inch in the center of the top lame.  Thankfully there is a small section left where we can do this without damaging any  of the tooling, and without (fingers crossed) messing up any of the fit of the rest of the armor.

This is our cat "helping"
We cut out the stitching, cut off the inch, punched the holes, redid the stiching, dyed the undyed newly cut piece, restiched the piece, tried it back on, and hecked a teenager playing Portal.

It was a good night. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Upcoming Projects and Posts

Yes, we did indeed finish the armor for the first weekend of Ren Fair, though it will be getting a few more tweaks this week. 

Soon on this very blog you will get;
Pics of finished armor!
New Helmet Project
A refinish of a set of armor as I prepare it for sale on the internets...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Did I mention I was a slacker? SHAME!

Yes - Shame abounds...mercilessly. Life has been quite interesting the Irish/Chinese Curse sense of the word.

My dearest beloved husband pointed out that I haven't added a single blog post since January.  So, umm...sorry guys! It has been a truly busy year thus far.  We finished the helm from my last shame post, but I still don't have any good pics of it completed so you have to wait more.

Several months ago I sketched out a totally new armor design, something that would look patchwork, would look repaired, and would be totally one of a kind. 

About a month after I did the sketch I pulled out all my scrap leather and cut out the front pieces, making sure they are from different pieces so they all take the dye differently when I get to that point.  I looked for sections that had tears, rips, or marks and intentionally chose those to help with the general feel I was going for.  It sat for weeks before I pulled it out and tooled it and then it sat for several more months.

And - with a month to go before Fair, the beloved has begun slaving me so there is at least a little progress to share! Tonight we took it all out and started working out the articulation issues, the base issues, and the pauldron design - A NEW ONE!  A much tighter "bowl" design rather than the broad ones at the top, with an articulated "sleeve" at the base, and some fun tooled designs on the middle.

As you can see, I work in a strange fashion, I lay things out, keep the sketch in view, and have another notebook for actual notes and to-do's.  Productivity is limited to quiet actions with migraine meds in my system, so I am hoping to get heavy action done on Wednesday. 

Sadly, this is not the only project in the works.  Its my only current in-progress...but not the only one in the house. We are working on a leather backpack, a pocket sash, several new costumes for Kasha, replacement weapons for Kasha, some house construction for Kasha - specifically a lofted bed, and anything else that sounds awesome to make.

I am hoping to get some hoods for me, started on a leather leaf waist cinch for a friend, and to finish a helm for the beloved before Fair hits...Anyone think I might be nuts?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Helm Shame

See, this is me not having an update because I have done diddly squat.  I have shame...

But hopefully my beloved spouse will kick me into gear soon since I won't start his project until this helmet is done. 

Sorry guys.  Slacking here.