Monday, October 7, 2013

Craft Fair Prep

As I mentioned last week, I am signed up to participate in a craft fair for El Paso County.  This means that I need to have a goodly supply of ready made items for sale.  This also suggests to me that armor may not be the best selection for the people who will be coming to this fair.

Instead I have been working a whole passel of hair trinkets and other leather "stuff".  I plan to do Leather Hair clips, slides, trivets for the kitchen, maybe some books, and a passel of whatever hits my fancy for leather cuffs and bracers. 

Which means I need to be working! WORKING!And I have been.  You can see what I pulled together on Saturday in a few hours. This week I hope to do some detail tooling, edge beveling, shaping, and possibly some dye depending on the level of crazy this week happens to have.

Thursday is the awesome-monsters birthday, so I am not sure how much work will happen as I am trying to spend extra times with her...and the weekend is jam-packed and crazy. 

My goal for the fair is to have 40 items to sell and to make $200 or more. We will see what all I end up with, and what the prices end up being.  I never really know how to price things, so I may make Kelley (who is also doing the fair) price all my stuff for me, or Ray.  They love me enough to do the hard stuff for me.

I love how different each of these leaves ended up! I can't wait to see how they look as hair slides.