Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Craft Day - AKA Actually working!

So, my dearest crafter from Hickory Lane Creations inspired me to get off my arse and get to work! 

Today we met and did a few hours of get together.  I made country loaf bread, some delicious chocolate-chocolate cookies and then worked with pony beads with my little one for a bit. Once the crowd left I lazed on facebook until finally the shame forced me to get to work.

I was able to size down the helmet base, repunch the holes and then I traced, cut out, and smoothed the faceplate/mask for the helmet.  In the process I also decided to use the scrap leather to make a mask for the little one.  There may also be a crown coming too!

To the right is the pile of today's accomplishments - a kiddo mask, a helmet mask/faceplate, 1/2 of the cookies I made, what's left of the loaf of bread, the resized helmet base and what will be the edges...and a messy kitchen.

Tomorrow I will be working on tooling the face and edges, resewing the base, and hopefully reaching out to determine the color patterns for the helmet.  I would love to have this done by needs to get out of my house! :)

Below is the kiddo trying on the mask. I can't wait to see what we decide to do with tooling, color, and accessories. Ignore the messy house behind her cuteness :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Other News

Good Morning Wonderful People! I don't know if you have noticed something new here at PheonixGateArts, but we have allowed Google to start putting ads up on the blog.  I am hoping they will be fairly easy to ignore if you would like, but I am also hoping they will help as we move forward.

But! I feel like I owe you all something for putting up with it :) Which means....PRIZES! I am going to work up a few new designs and will get them up soon - then, which ever project gets the most likes, we will give away one of them to one of you lovely readers!

Do you have anything you want to see us try to make? :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Helm Update #1

There is no update. Seriously, the kiddo has bronchitis, and has been sick all week.

I have the helm base, may have the design issue worked out, and have a template for the face guard/mask - so at least some things have been done.  I still need to find where all my brace points have wandered off too.  Wish me luck with the upcoming week :)