Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tonight was a great night for the crafty side! I ran by the leather store to pick up a new green hide since I didn't have enough for the project I was working on and ended up with a lovely deep green deer hide. Created the "child" design set, cut, grommetted, and then added embellishments! The stretch of the deerskin ended up being more of a challenge than I expected, but I think it will grow with her and I am really pleased and I am just hoping the set works out for the kiddo :)

After breaking myself on that one - I went and helped Ray by braiding 2 separate 2 ft long metal wire braids. One in copper and one in Copper, Silver, and Gold. I managed to give myself blisters on my fingers from all of it tonight.

But...Really pleased :)

Tomorrow - Garden Update! And Pictures!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting things done - Strangely enough

So, after my last rant about how I haven't been getting anything done I went out and got productive. I finished the tooling, dying, grommet's, and finishing on Shanti's Wild Rose/Thistle Bracers - I did the tooled, bevelling, and am ready to dye Walin's Panther Bracers as soon as he and I have a chat about colors. Finished putting together the greaves for Ray, just need to go buy straps to attach them. Sadly, my computer doesn't take thumbdrives so I don't have any pics to share with you all. Love you anyways and will try to get some more up soon.

Had an awesome time last night with Becky, Randy and Lance setting up a bunch of projects they would like me to do for them. I think one of my goals today will be to actually get all of their required measurements and get the art/sketches done. I need to check size and do a true job on the knotwork (which means that the over-under's will all go correctly, with no fudging it).

One of the neat things I am looking at how to figure out how to do is place copper wire within the tooling. I am not sure yet how to make it stay :( So, I will be poking around online and possibly fooling around with some of the wire today to see how I can make it stay within the tooling lines without having to run it through the back (inside) of the piece which I think would irritate skin.

Other than that I still haven't made any sales on Etsy (which makes me sad) but it means I need to get more stuff up or change my prices. I have already changed them a few times, but am nervous about letting them get any lower. Meh. Hopefully Ray and I will be able to work on some knives this weekend and get them up there and ready to go! Wish us luck :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Putting Things Off

I think everyone does it sometimes, well, I know that everyone that I know does - but lately I have been having a hard time starting the next project. I have Ray's Greaves set for Red Dye, not that I have done it yet; I have Walin's Bracers cut and the design on trace-paper ready to be tooled; and I have the deep and quite sincere need to get Ray's black fair shirt made.

Yet, I am not working on any of it as much as I should be. For whatever reason I am just kind of letting it all sit. Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit :( Which is not so awesome.

So yeah, anyone have a suggestion for how to break out of the _not_ getting things done and go back to my super-productive side?

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Armor for the Beloved

So, now that we have completed the Should Pauldrons we are moving on to Greaves (Shin Armor). Almost an identical leather cut to the Should pieces, but will require a more serious type of strap.

Last week I tooled all 8 lames into the same roughly 1-inch that the others were and tonight I dyed the outer edges black. Tomorrow I hope to go play at a park, which I will follow by doing the interior red.

I have pictures to share, but can't get them up tonight, so I will post a pic heavy one tomorrow!

YAY Blog! There will also be supply updates and garden updates (Which will consist of railing against the CO weather Gods and their hatred of growing things - Stupid snow!)