Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Putting Things Off

I think everyone does it sometimes, well, I know that everyone that I know does - but lately I have been having a hard time starting the next project. I have Ray's Greaves set for Red Dye, not that I have done it yet; I have Walin's Bracers cut and the design on trace-paper ready to be tooled; and I have the deep and quite sincere need to get Ray's black fair shirt made.

Yet, I am not working on any of it as much as I should be. For whatever reason I am just kind of letting it all sit. Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit :( Which is not so awesome.

So yeah, anyone have a suggestion for how to break out of the _not_ getting things done and go back to my super-productive side?


  1. Well when you figure that out, tell me!

    I have the fabric for a super cute purse all cut and ready to go...and it's going no where. Zombie friends haven't been fairing well either. I just kinda want to do other stuff like exercise, read with a gentle breeze blowing through the apartment or eat. :-)

  2. My only answer is to just force it to happen; which doesn't always help. Meh - :)