Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tonight was a great night for the crafty side! I ran by the leather store to pick up a new green hide since I didn't have enough for the project I was working on and ended up with a lovely deep green deer hide. Created the "child" design set, cut, grommetted, and then added embellishments! The stretch of the deerskin ended up being more of a challenge than I expected, but I think it will grow with her and I am really pleased and I am just hoping the set works out for the kiddo :)

After breaking myself on that one - I went and helped Ray by braiding 2 separate 2 ft long metal wire braids. One in copper and one in Copper, Silver, and Gold. I managed to give myself blisters on my fingers from all of it tonight.

But...Really pleased :)

Tomorrow - Garden Update! And Pictures!

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