Monday, February 25, 2013

What do you do?

What do you do when your main project requires the model to come visit you for dinner and you can't get your brother to come down cause he really doesn't love  you? :)

In my case, I have cut out the armor for my brother. Breast plate, kidney articulation, Pauldrons are all done. I still need to create the tassets and decide on how much of a skirt they will have, then I need to make the greaves and bracers.  So maybe I only have the top half cut out.  It's close right?

I  sadly really need to have him here for a two to three hour bender so I can measure, shape, cut, and start molding all the pieces to him before I can put all these pretty leather pieces together.  Which is seriously a bummer. I hate waiting.

Thankfully, the leather cutting is done for now, as my hands hate me.  On the other hand, since I got my craft room cleaned and organized I can find everything I want for any project and may just haul through the triangle quiver and get it up and for sale soon.  We'll see.
The paper version of the armor used to determine the pattern.

Any votes for a project you would like to see me do?