Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Projects

So - There is indeed a list of projects that will be coming this new year!

1) Conversion of Galen's armor into two separate armor pieces - possibly along the lines of the "Scrap-Armor" we did last summer. It was much easier to wear than my original design...and looks so NEAT :)
2) Wolf Helmet for the beloved. It's gonna be done this year and I am hoping to complete it before the end of March.
3) New Quiver and mini-quiver for crossbow bolts.
4) Noble costume for the kiddo. I got some awesome green fabrics from a dear friend and am hoping to have some design sketches done in February.
5) Design an eastern style short bodice for me - draft in denim and then work out in some of my pretty fabrics.
6) Create several pouch belts for me, monster and beloved all.
7) and...Try to blog a little more often.

Seven seems like a reasonable number between now and that's the plan!

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