Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wolf Helmet - Project 1 of 2015

Today we got working on the wolf helmet that my beloved wants.  He has been in love with this design since running into it online a while ago -

So... First, you start by oogling the picture a lot - and thinking about what you need to shift around on it, what you like, love, maybe don't adore as much, what you really can't imagine being cooler. 

Then, you find really ugly poster-board.  Neon-ugly is best (it makes the most hilarious pictures when you force your husband to sit down and pose it for you).  He humors me so wonderfully.  Of course, he gets awesome leather out of it.

We actually started a week or two or three ago when we bought the paper, I just didn't get any farther than today.  Today! Today we pulled out a pencil and stared at the image and some scissors and created a draft pattern, tweaked it a bit when we ended up with a temporary mono-brow (Which I did not photograph).

The pattern is currently missing the under pieces which will fill in the blanks you see in the pictures, and will force some size changes.  I do worry about how it will fit as leather, as the paper fits mostly correctly now - does that mean it will be too small? But, the last thing I made I oversized so badly we ended up trimming it three times and could afford to cut it down again if it wouldn't butcher the tooling. So...I really want to be a little more careful about sizes. 

But - ARROOOO! Wolf-Helm of 2015!

The plan is to cut out the leather this week and possible start wetting and shaping as soon as Wednesday.  I tend to binge-work, and enjoy watching things develop rapidly, so we will see what ends up happening.

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