Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hooded Scarf

I love hats, especially long goofy hobbit style hoods and this has been a great year thus far for anything warm and cozy. Going through my basement O'doom and craft stuff looking for shield cover for the beloved I found two purple bits of fleece. Warm, Cozy, and just about the right size (I hoped).

Well, I was right! I created the pattern by thinking about what I had seen around for hoods with the shoulder bits and did about 40 minutes of sewing - because despite an amazing friend who sent home a sewing machine with me, I still haven't plugged it in to start learning how to use it.

It makes an amazing hood with shawl for the little one :) I have a lighter purple that will be the next one - and I am planning just to do the hood bit, have it go tight around the head and have a long silly bit at the end.  Hopefully it will be up soon!

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