Saturday, April 9, 2011


We are also planning on doing box gardens over this summer - which I am really excited about. We are hoping to grow Peas, Corn, Zuchinni, Carrots, Spinach or Lettuce, I'd like to get Strawberries and watermelon or cantelope or (dream of dreams) Raspberries. I am not sure what all we will end up growing - but I have started my seedlings inside with Corn, Peas, Zuchinni, Flowers, and a row of Oregano (cause I need more) and a little starter of Cilantro.

Once we build the outer boxes I will post more from that day.

This is how the plants looked on April 9, 2011

Since then one of the zuchinni has popped up and I am sure another will tonight or tomorrow. I also called a garden store to get info on getting Strawberries :) on Friday I am intending to buy the wood and soil for the boxes and it is looking like I will also be getting some strawberry roots :) possible some starters too :) I am _so_ excited!!!

~Ill related note; the tool box post and an armor update should be this week too!

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