Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Start With...

Grovelling! Which is what you do when you say you are going to post regularly, and get off to a great start and then get all busy for two weeks.

But! I have updates today.

This is the tooled, undyed, bracer for Shanti. It is the exact same "rose/Thistle" that was on the sides of her waist cinch. The color is also done, but those pics haven't been taken yet and I still need to grommet it today or tomorrow (we'll see if I have the energy on either).

I don't know if you can see but I beveled the edges in hopes of making it a little more comfortable for wear. I am also going to try this with the next waist cinch I design. As soon as I get my arse in gear I plan on hauling tushy on Walin's bracer set so I can work on Ray's leather backback (I still need to find a pattern) and then I need to create Gary's Sword Baldric once I think up a good design for him.

Then it's on to creating things with the intention to sell them. I have a small pile of car parts that may or may not have gears to take apart and look for gears because I have a nice mechanic :) So - any suggestions for additional projects, or commissions *hinthint* :)

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