Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This will shock some of you - but Ray and I had NEVER been to any type of Con until this most recent GalaxyFest. The variety of reasons range from cost of tickets, timing sucking, not sure what type of costume to wear, and a general sense of nervousness since we hadn't.

This year was different. Firstly, I knew some awesome people were involved in the planning - and those awesome people made me much more willing to go. Secondly, Ray had an IDEA...and while terrifying in so many ways, we went with it and ended up with he and the monster in wonderful costumes.

So, you (in internet-land) may not know that he is a Fallout junkie...absolutely obsessed. It's cute. Like computer background and toys all over my house and his very own PipBoy with the special edition that came out last fall.We did not get anywhere near enough good pictures of Ray, so those will be coming later. Instead - we got a ton of the monster as a Scavenger (Good little Scavver ain't she?) and one or two of Ray as the NCR Ranger/medic. He will post more about the making of - but check them out - awesome huh?
Goggles her dad got off Amazon, and did STUFF to

Her leather coat was nigh-impossible to scuff up - but still worked

Her mask is Great Grandad's old Carpentry one

I love the no parking sign bracers

See the awesome light up gun he is holding...LOTS OF WORK THERE

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