Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making a Shield

Look I've got wood (hehehehehe)
This is one of Phydoux's projects

What happens when you want a new shield and have some plywood around? And you are the kind of person who likes awesome new toys that you make yourself?  This happens.

He had been wanting to create a teardrop shaped shield, something that would look a little different, but would protect the legs and not interfere too badly while fighting. 

Pattern. Yes, this is really what he used.
We had some red scrap leather - looks like it was rescued from a couch a long time ago and that needed a use too. So, Ray shaped the shield, added the cover, did the edges in the type of metal you use for the corners when you dryall, added pretty detail tacks and all that goodness.

I am missing a picture of the pattern we painted on front - I will try to get one of those up soon.

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