Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasure Map - Waist Cinch for Boe

So - Success!!! I finished it and got it in to her on the Saturday I said I would. It did take an 8:00 trip to Tandy's and doing the final eyelets at a picnic bench at the festival site - but Hey, at least I got it to her.

Fail points on a different side - It was a little too small :( I am checking to see if she wants me to make her a quickie small extra back panel to make it the bigger she needs - It'll be easy to do and might make it more useful. It was a real bummer to see how small it was after I worked so hard to make it large enough.

I absolutely LOVE how the gloss/protective coat dulled the white into more of a tan. Really love how it all worked out :)

I didn't remeember to get any pictures outside - but I got a TON of awesome compliments on it - most importantly, from other leather workers. Like Professionals! It was very awesome, and one of them offered to teach me how to do beveling on the edges to make them all more comfortable. I wasn't able to take him up on it, but I may look it up online and see if I can figure it out.

AND...One of my long-time guy friends asked if I could take the same idea and make him a Kidney belt - so I am on my first (non Husband) project for a guy! YAY!

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