Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasure Map - Kidney Belt

So - Here is the first drawings for the Kidney Belt - He has said he wants the background green (which I am really hesitant on, I think it will take away the treasure-map look) But I am waiting for him to approve the picture plan before I start tooling.

The plan is to do 3 quarter-inch buckles from the front on each side into the side panels in addition to the lacing, and to have the rear just lace. I am hoping that it will more clearly define the "masculinity" of the belt. :) We will have to see. Thankfully, the guy this is for can pull it off no matter what!

They are a little hard to see since they are just pencil-scans, but...Hopefully they give an idea of what I am working on.

Any thoughts?

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