Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Stories

Howdy Folks,
Back in the quite-long-enough ago days of Junior High and High School a friend of mine and I used to constantly plot out our used book store and a million other idea's for how we were going to enjoy working when we got older. I always told her she was going to have to learn to use the glass paint so she could make me a pheonix-gate for my front window. In my mind the premise of a gateway, a door to something or somewhere different; was a perfect match for a pheonix, the symbol of rebirth and change.

Quite a few years have passed. I do not own a used book store. I don't live the Ren-Fair life. I am in fact, quite surprisingly, happily married and doing the 8-5 salaried office-job thing. But...I get twitchy every now and then to MAKE things. I have always been the kind of person to pick up (And discard) a million different crafts. I would like to channel that energy and that desire to create a new path for myself.

So - Reborn into this is my Pheonix Gate Designs, anything that happens to cross the wild empty paths from my brain into reality. I am creating an ArtFire account too, hopefully I will be able to alter the path I have set myself on and get to make things regularly. I want to find a steady bridge from my minds eye to the real world.

Wish me luck!

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