Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Steampunk Belt

Hip Belt on Etsy
We are getting ready for Ren Fair and continued Con attendance this year and I would like to have a nice steam punk (ish) costume as well as the rest of the family. I have some bits, but I am actually pretty seriously inclined to slack on this (I don't know why). But, the beloved is pushing me to make decisions and is working on making me the coolest belt ever!

I want to have an alchemist set up to make tea, and a good calligraphy carry case. We are using Pinterest (the most addictive of all sites) and looking up ideas.

Tea Cup Holster on Etsy

I want something that I can put vials of tea leaves, sugar, pen nibs and calligraphy ink in.

I need a carry case for the tea cup, saucer, spoon and strainer if I am using loose leaf tea.

Larp Scribe Kit on Etsy
I need a Scribe's case that will carry pens, quills, nibs, ink, paper and possibly accessories such as embossing power or wax and seals. I might add in some kind of magnifying glass (Secret of Kells style) for detail work.

I also need it to fit comfortably, have nothing hang too low, hold the tea cup so it doesn't break, and have extra pouches/bags for cell phone, money, cards and ID to be easily accessible. It needs to be a color that will look okay with all my other costumes - which since I cover the whole rainbow may be harder than it sounds.

A few years back I actually went black friday shopping - to Tandy's leather. Our local store is always so friendly and helpful and this was no change. I obtained a giant piece of super buttery soft thin leather. I was thinking I could make hats, or something else...but never touched in the last two years.

So, He pulled it out. He cut it up. He is making it happen! Soon!!!!!

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