Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Might Cry Still

So, last week was ridiculously over-productive, but I still didn't get everything done. Walin's bracers are complete, other than needing to decide if they need grommeting. Becky's Bracers are just waiting for dye and finish. And Randy's... Well Randy's are the reason I am thinking about crying.

You see, most of the things I have done are intrinsically simple designs. Things that are beautifully simple, but simple. Randy's design is complex, intertwining, and to be a honest, a pain in the wrist! But beautiful. Seriously, they are going to be freaking amazing. Except - well. After what was probably six hours of tooling and another hour of basic dye work I left the bracers on the table to dry while I went to work. The plan was to finish them when I got home.

Then I came home to dye knocked over on them and leaking all over (this is me crying - right here) See? :( I guess our dog jumped up on the table trying to get to something else and Ray didn't notice the dye got knocked over. The dog is lucky to be alive. Very VERY _VERY_ lucky.

Now, back to the beginning to cut and to re-tool. Both of them since there is a splash on the other that I don't think I can hide.


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