Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Busy Girl

So, I last left off with the seemingly never ending pile of *GAH!* known as Randy's cursed bracers. Let's review where we left off. At our last end the 7 or 8 hours of tooling and dye work had been ruining by a tipped over bottle of dye leaving me in near-tears with the thought I would be re-doing both bracers. Thank the heavens, it was only one! With the end in sight i took up the task on Friday to finish the darn things and be back to sanity (as much as ever) but the heavens were not in alignment - seriously his Bracers are CURSED I TELL YOU!

Back to the adventure, almost done with the newly cut, tooled and almost fully dyed bracer when I (Gracefully as ever) knock over the OPEN bottle of brown dye all over the table, narrowly missing the bracer. I was so frustrated I actually went outside to be alone so I didn't scream, shout, or throw a fit. GAH!!!! It was...not fun. Seriously not fun.

But, ater my little outside-time fit I headed back in, finished both bracers, and handed them off to my dearest BIL with the instructions to keep them FAR FAR _FAR_ away from me.

But they did turn out quite pretty :)

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