Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Armor Progress - with PHOTO'S

This is my carry box
Now that my hands have healed from the great rush job I am back to working on Galen's armor. 

 Tonight I pulled out the box of pauldron lames (individual pieces) and crafted the articulation, designed the attachment, tooled the axeblade pieces that will go on top, finalized the tassetts, and cut and placed the tassetts as well.


Boon wants the armor

The whole family likes to help - from the beloved daughter helping me by being a mobile armor stand, husband helping with design issues, and even the cat! The dog ignored us, there wasn't food involved.

Doesn't it look great?
After fiddling with the Axeblade piece for thirty minutes or so Ray and I were able to come to an agreement on how they would attach. I love how this is looking! It is actually coming together really nicely. 

Of course, once I got everything cut out, tooled, and pieced together I get to take everything back apart so that I can begin the dye tomorrow. If I am lucky I have enough black on hand to get this all done.  It will be black with green details on the tooling and the pauldron (shoulder) edges. 
The rear and left side

Of course, I was still working after 9 PM, which means my cute helper crashed out next to me. Here is the pic of her as I type up this blog :) 

Sleeping baby...and armor

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