Thursday, April 11, 2013

High Gear

So, I am finally kicking it into High Gear. Mostly because my beloved husband wants me to start his armor, so I must finish my brothers.  Tonight I did all the interior articulation for the chest, did the front strapping and buckles and the side strap.  Sadly, I bought 1 inch buckles, and I need 2 inch ones for the size strapping.  That means back to Tandy's Leather I go. 

Hopefully tomorrow night I will get the side buckles on, the will do the pauldron articulation and figure out the axe-cover attachment method. 

So, In addition to everything else, my dear brother refuses to make a decision about color. I may leave it plain, or it may become black.  I am also thinking about tooling either a Tree of Life or a simple celtic knot onto the breast plate. What do you think? Leave it tan, or make it black with a green design?


  1. Replies
    1. My brother voted for a celtic knot rather than a tree of life...or a pentacle made out of swords :)