Friday, July 13, 2012

Bad Blogger - BAD!

I have been a very bad blogger lately, but I have some great excuses.  Of course, it still means nada, but I can explain!

I think all of you know, but some might be new to this, I live in Colorado.  Specifically in Colorado Springs.  Which was ON FIRE!!! Seriously.  And in between the fire, the horrific hail storm two weeks prior, my radio being stolen from my car, the car being declared totalled by the insurance company and I get zilch (but I get to keep driving the car?) the roof being declared wrecked and in need of replacement, developing Shingles on my FACE!, and working several different aspects of the fire ...I have been busy. Busy is a good word :)

I do have completed Kasha Armor.  I have a new project I can't wait to start. And I have two side projects (Yes, a set of Raven Bracers is on the list) that I would like to finish for friends. 

But...I am lazy and tired.  I will get myself back into blogging and will work on taking pictures of the whole process.  If I knew how to speed up video, I would video it once to show how easy it is.  But since I don't it would be really boring to watch :)

So...This is me checking in with you, dear reader, and I am sorry for the delays and immeasurable slacking I have done.

Wish me luck in things calming down for long enough I might actually get to work on the projects, and take pictures!

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