Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Other Projects Happening

This has been a really great summer for me for commissions already. I did Bracers for Randy and Becky and will be doing a waist cinch for Becky to match her bracers. I did Vin's Should Pauldron's. And, I did several projects for Lance.

Lance first wanted horns for his fair hat. And I don't mean the cute little pan horns you buy at fair, oh no. He wanted Buffalo horns! I started off with the simple horn, dremmelled holes in the sides and Hot glued leather to the edge for protecting the hat and to keep the horn from shredding. After that it was as simple as setting up the Tie on and handing it back. I still want to do a little work on the hat attachment, it looks weird to me.

After his horns were done we moved on to his bracers. Simple Paw-print in red and black with borders in black and chicago screws for accent points that way he can replace them with spikes if he ever feels the urge. To finish up a red and black belt that matches the bracers with a simple fair style wrap.

Doesn't he look good?

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