Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday Game = New Waist Cinch?

We were gaming happily Sunday evening when I starting getting itchy fingers and pulled out my sketchbook and colored pencils and designed a new Waist Cinch. I have no clue who this one is for, or what size it will end up being on a person - But I have already cut and tooled the leather :)

Now my back, hands, and eyes hurt from all today's tooling and I wish I had put it off a few more days. But - I think I needed to make it.

It is a tree (almost tree of life style) but not knotworked. I will post pics of the concept art and the un-dyed tooling once I get them all scanned and uploaded and such. I am trying to decide where to go from here with the coloring...background and such are still in the air.

At least I am back to crafting?

PS - Remind me to rant about the incredible tool-box/chest I got for my birthday. It's awesome and I should share

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  1. Sorry due to camera battery, no pics were taken untooled - You'll just have to see the art and picture the process to where it ended up :)